Serpent 411 Eryx 2.0 1/10 400013

  • The Serpent 411 ERYX 2.0 is the next big development stage for the 411 platform. Featuring an ultra low centre of gravity, optimized weight distribution, high performance geometry and top quality materials throughout, the S411 should see you in the winner’s circle in no time. In fact everything associated with this car is of the highest quality, from the packaging and supplied manuals, right through to the product and race support.
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Serpent 411 Eryx 2.0 1/10 elektro car 4wd 400013 New

  • Key new items in the 411 ERYX 2.0
    - Lighter gear differential with composite gears and coated aluminium out drives; less rotating mass and smoother
    - Lowered steering system; for more direct steering feel and lower CG
    - Innovative floating servo-holder combined with steering-system; for less flex-influence
    - Lower shock towers FR and RR for lower CG, shocks mount 5,6mm lower than before
    - Super – Short RCM shocks with new softer membranes (using same springs as before) for lower CG and improved shock action, shocks are 6mm shorter
    - New chassis plate 2.25mm for mounting split blocks
    - Split suspension brackets inner FR and RR for more flex
    - Improved harder suspension arms FR and RR and C-hubs for more traction
    - 1mm Lower mid-shaft holder to allow more flex of the top plate
    - Kit includes 2 type of aluminium support brackets for the motor mount, allowing more or less flex.
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400013 411 eryx 2.0
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