Serpent S100 link

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Serpent S100 Link 1/10 pancar EP 410050

Serpent 1/10 scale pancar S100 Link. The 1/10 World GT version of the succesfull S120 1/12 scale pan-car. High performance 1/10 scale pan chassis, with nicely machined carbon fibre and aluminium parts. Superb fully adjustable front end creates loads of steering. Spring loaded Link system, in combination with diagonal positioned main shock and lateral damper with through shaft, control the roll of the car. Well balanced chassis offers wide selection of set-up features and options to dial the car in best for any track. No wheel/tyres, electronics or body included. Available start august 2010.

Packaging & Manual

The S100 Link is sold in a very compact black box. To allow you to build your car with the greatest of ease, Serpent supplies a full colour instruction manual and integrated reference guide section that contains all the exploded views and latest options. The S100 link also comes supplied with a pair of decal sheets in black and white.

The manual is available to download as a PDF in the 'Downloads' section of this product page.

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